Member Benefits

  • Annual Meeting - The CBA Annual Meeting is a forum for the dissemination, study and discussion of information relating to the efficiency of operations church employee benefits programs and the administration of those programs. It features outside speakers, workshops, plenary sessions and discussion of topics specific to the church benefits industry. Each year the meeting takes place the week after the Thanksgiving (U.S.) holiday.
  • Statistical Information - Statistical information from individual member organizations is collected, compiled and analyzed each year and distributed in a report to members. The report provides information on the number of members and churches participating in various denominational pension plans and financial information about benefits.
  • Discussion Group - The purpose of this valuable resource is to provide an open forum for the posting of questions and discussion of news, ideas, and information.
  • Topical Interest Committees - Members are invited to participate in topical interest committees that help the CBA fulfill it mission of promoting excellence in operations by providing additional opportunities for exchanges among members. Current committees include denominational benefits, communications, investments and information technology. 
  • Annual Report on Significant Developments - Each year members provide a written report on significant developments that have taken place in their organization throughout the year. This information is compiled and distributed as a handout at the annual meeting. There is also time built into the meeting schedule for members to elaborate on new programs/initiatives in their organization.
  • Legal Developments - report that provides a legal update on issues facing church retirement plans. 
  • Hertz Car Rental Discount - CBA members receive the following discounts with Hertz, 10% discount on Hertz daily member benefit rates (applies to compact 2-door through full size 4-door car classes+), 10% discount on Hertz standard daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates (applies to all car classes+), and 5% or greater discount on Hertz leisure daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates (applies to all car classes+).
    • +Please visit for a complete vehicle class guide